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Minneapolis MN, based printmaker, painter and musician, Caleb Henkelman, strives to find balance in his passion for art and music. 

While attending Iowa State University to pursue his BFA in Integrated Studio Arts, Caleb became enamored with the aesthetics of traditional printmaking. The tactile experience of carving wood blocks and etching copper plates informed his work in a subtle, intricate direction. 

When painting Caleb explores abstract expressionism and the physicality of layered paint. His bold, geometric compositions contort architectural space and color. Rhythmic mark-marking scatter the surface and break the large paintings into more intimate moments that mimic the dynamic shifts within music.


Opposite of his art practice, Caleb explores storytelling through music. He composes each piece around a singular progression and expands the idea to its farthest point, often unrecognizable from its origin. In his recent exhibitions he has included a live music performance, culminating his visual and audible statement.


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